Expert iOs developer (iOS 4–iOs 10, objective-c 5 years, swift 2 years) with strong backend background (python, ruby, some nodejs experience) from Russia with 10+ years of overall programming experience.


April 2015 – present

Freelance developer, Upwork & TopTal

Working as freelance iOs developer. Developed 4 apps for clients in UK and Switzerland. 100% positive feedback on Upwork and TopRated badge.

July 2011 – March 2015
3 years 9 months

Senior iOs developer, e-Legion

E-Legion is Russia top 3 mobile dev company. I was Lead iOS developer (objective-c) in team of 2-3 (varies between projects) developers. 3.5 years of iOS development.

Responsibilities: estimating projects, designing application architecture, choosing frameworks and technologies, reviewing teammates' code, splitting client's requirements into tasks and assigning them along team members, setting up developers workflow (including continuous integration) and, of course, writing high quality objective-c code.

Apps I developed
Yota telecom selfcare app (march 2014–February 2015)

Selfcare application for Russian telecommunications company YOTA. App clients can review/replenish their balance, change voice/data tariff and options.

Universal app for iPhone/iPad, ios6+

My role in project: team lead (2-3 ios developers, including me)


ReactiveCocoa, MVVM, JSObjection, Specta/expecta, google maps, HockeySDK for crashes, Google Analytics, AppsFlyer

iPhone/iPad applicatoin for (July 2011–march 2014 with several interuptions on other apps)

Mobile application for clients of ZAO Raiffeisenbank (Russia). Features: ATMs around user with ability to search ATMs in any city, bank news, currency exchange rates, credit calculator, personal information for bank clients - accounts & credit cards informations (including transactions list), credits (including payment history), special offers for user. Including payment bills/credits directly from app by choosing one of linked credit/debit cards.

Universal app for iPhone/iPad, ios 4.3+, then upgrading to ios5,6 (including migration to ARC) in later releases.

My role in project: developer (team of 3 ios developers), then senior developer


CoreData, SOAP, HockeySDK for crashes, Flurry analytics, yandex maps

May 2008 – July 2011
3 years 2 months

Senior Web Developer, e-Legion

Senior full stack web developer (python, ruby).

Responsibilities: estimating projects, designing application architecture (mostly backend), choosing languages, frameworks and libraries for application, reviewing teammates' code, setting up developers workflow (setting up QA/production linux servers, automatic testing on continuous integration servers, automating QA/production servers deploys) and, of course, writing high-quality code.

February 2005 – May 2008
3 years 3 months

Web developer, CDP Profi

Web developer – php (php nuke, zend framework, smarty), javascript (plain javascript, started using jquery late 2007), administrating LAMP servers.


Saint Petersburg State University

Unfinished — 2003–2005

Mathematics & computer science. Left university after 1.5 years of education and switched to fulltime job.


iOS (4.3 – 10.x)

Objective-C (5 years of experience)

Swift (2 years of experience)



TDD (mainly in ruby/python, but had some successful experience with iOS too)

Continuous Integration (jenkins, teamcity)



Available upon request.