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Description Available on the appstore

Selfcare application for Russian telecommunications company YOTA. App clients can review/replenish their balance, change voice/data tariff and options.


April 2014 – January 2015

App features

  • Universal app – iPad, iPhone 4/5/6 (6+ was added in later versions), autolayout.
  • Retention mode for other carriers customers (detect SIM card affiliation via carrier code):

    Review plans for current city (autodetected via geolocation), or choose from covered cities list, order sim card, track order status.

  • Customer mode (automatic login via carrier network, "turn off wifi for automatic login" screen):

    Review your balance, plan and options, switch to another plan, enable/disable options, replenish account.


  • Objective-C, iOS 6+
  • Architecture - ReactiveCocoa, MVVM, JSObjection, CocoaLumberjack, Mantle, Overcoa
  • Testing - Specta/expecta tests, OHHTTPStubs, OCMockito, OCMock
  • 3rd party services

    • genesys.com - enterprise solution for realtime chat with support, DDCometClient for long polling new messages in chat
    • AppsFlyer, GoogleAnalytics, Mixpanel for analytics
    • GoogleMaps (+patched Google-Maps-iOS-Utils-QuadTree for clusterization)
    • HockeySdk for crashes & beta distributions
    • Continuous integration / continuous delivery via jenkins + custom shell scripts

My role in project

Team lead (2-3 ios developers, including me)