Some labels on screenshots are blured to hide real clients data. All screenshots representing random numbers.

Ipad frame


An internal app for company sales men. It contains company clients list with short statistics. Allows to view and add notes/comments for any client, view client address on map and build route.

All data is cached for offline use (in switzerland mobile internet coverage can be poor in some distant areas). All data is synced when app goes online (e.g. comment will be automatically posted to the server when device goes online).


May 2015 – Jun 2015, adding new features and fixing bugs later.

App features

  • Swift 2.0 (then migrate to 2.1, 2.2, 3.0), iOS 8.0+
  • An iPad app with auto layout, works both on iPad and iPad Pro
  • Core Data caching for all data
  • Automatically sync comments when app goes online again (i.e. you can add/edit/delete a comment when device is offline and it will be automatically updated on server later).
  • 3rd party services
    • Crashlytics for crash reporting
    • for beta distribution
    • BugshotKit to retrieve feedback from client

My role in project

I was sole developer on the project.