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p2p money transfer application.

Xendit - pay and get paid, instantly, for free.

1. Xendit allows you to send and request money across all banks, for FREE. No matter where the money is coming from, or going to, we don't charge any fees!

2. Xendit allows you to request money, too. Next time you're at the movies and need money from many friends, you can request from the group in just a few clicks!

3. Xendit is safer. You never have to share your bank details again. Just send your phone number and keep your bank details to yourself.


Dec 2015 – Jun 2016

App features

  • iPhone app (iPhone 4/5/6/6+), auto layout
  • Sign up/login via login+email / facebook
  • Money transfers. Push notifications on new request / transfer
  • Withdraw / replenish money from/to system account
  • Arisan – Indonesian social gathering game
  • Electricity bills & phone bills payments
  • Loyalty rewards - money bonuses for first X transactions / deposits / invited friends / etc
  • Friends invite via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Path, SMS and Email
  • Optional pin-code/TouchID protection for money operations


  • Swift, iOS 8+
  • Architecture - MVC, Alamofire + ReactiveCocoa + EasyMapping for network layer
  • Testing - heavily covered with XCUI tests, lots of snapshot tests (FBSnapshotTestCase), some unit test (Quick, Nible)
  • 3rd party services

    • Crashlytics for crash reporting
    • Fabric for beta distribution
    • Segment (Mixpanel, GoogleAnalytics) for analytics
    • Continuous integration via BuddyBuild
    • Continuous delivery via fastlane.tools

My role in project

Sole developer (minor tasks/bugs fixed by junior developer)