Search through thousands of movies via OpenSubtitles API
Subtitles in dosens of languages almost for every movie
Rich player UI and controls
Player settings


iOS app for viewing subtitles in cinemas.


Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

App features

  • Swift 5.10, iOS 17.0+.
  • iPhone/iPad app built with SwiftUI.
  • Modular architecture via SPM.
  • VIPER-like architecture.
  • UI & logic tests.
  • SwiftFormat, SwiftLint and R.swift for code quality control. Mint for managing Swift dependencies.
  • Caching and offline mode support.
  • 3rd party services
    • Google Analytics & Crashlytics.
    • OpenSubtitles API for subtitles retrieving
    • Continuous delivery via
    • OMDB API and ip-api for showing "Now in cinemas" section

My role in project

Sole iOS developer.