Iphone4s frame

Description Available on the appstore

Mobile app for Raiffeisenbank Russia, used by thousands clients.


2010-2011, 2012-2013

App features

  • Public part of app for unregistered users
    • View ATMs on map / in list (sorted by distance) for all cities in Russia
    • Company news
    • Currency rate
    • Credit calculators
    • Discount partners list
  • Personal part of app for registered users
    • View cards / deposits, transfer moneys between own accounts
    • View UITs, credits, card/account statements, recent operations list
    • Pay bills, pay for phone
    • Payment templates
    • Confirm operations via sms / push notification / card reader


  • Objective-C, manual reference counting (upgraded to ARC later), iOS 4.3+ (migrated to 6.0 later).
  • Universal app both for iPhone and iPad. Strings and struts initially, migrated to auto layout later.
  • LibSoap for backend interaction
  • HockeySDK (beta distribution & crash reporting), Flurry analytics