Metrics list for 54 portfolios
Can aggregate data by hierarchy level and/or year
Scatter plot graph with filtering and aggregation.
Metric names are changed to hide client's sensitive data.
KPI tree graph with aggregation support. Metric names are changed.
Data displayed in a scrollable data grid with automatic aggregation by year.


An internal app for a large consulting agency. Used by company top managers for presentations and to analyse investition metrics.

Data is uploaded to the app manually via iTunes (to ensure 100% privacy for very sensitive data).


October 2015

App features

  • Swift 2.0, iOS 8.0+
  • An iPad app with auto layout, works both on iPad and iPad Pro
  • Aggregate data (by year, by company, by metric), show different graphs (scatter plot, charts, data grid)
  • Protect app with pin code. Blur app screenshot in iOS task manager.
  • ChartsSwiftCharts libraries to draw different kinds of charts.
  • No 3rd party services were used to keep sensitive data as private as possible.

My role in project

I was sole developer on the project.