Map with POIs and friends (map pins aggregation was added in later version)
Point of interest details
Side menu with "Visible / invisible" mode switch
Note/feedback for point of interest
User profile screen / Happlink / Facebook friends list


A geolocation-based social network aimed to connect people with similar interests. Retrieves POIs list via foursquare API, filters POIs to match your interests, shows people with similar interests around you.


May 2015 – Jun 2015, adding new features and fixing bugs later.

App features

  • Objective-C, manual reference couting, later migrated to ARC, iOS 5.0+
  • iPhone only app, strings and struts + manual coordinates calculation for layout.
  • Core Data caching for all data
  • Facebook and vkontakte integration
  • Intense google maps customization. Clusterization for POIs, stick POIs to screen edge
  • Lots of social network features – friendship, realtime chat, news feed, events
  • 3rd party services
    • Flurry analytics
    • Crashlytics for crash reporting
    • Google maps, yandex maps

My role in project

I was a middle developer working with another middle level developer.